The Reebok-CrossFit shoe PANIC

With the first 1,000 pairs of the Reebok CrossFit Nano being shipped to their eagerly awaiting purchaser I want to give you a friendly heads up……DON’T PANIC!

I had to giggle this am when one of my members called me all distraught because she had purchased the new Reebok CrossFit Nano and it was too big.  I had to clarify what ‘too big’ meant and after talking she realized they were the right size after all.

Our conversation:
Me: What do you mean they’re too big?
Member: They feel loose
Me: Loose in what way? How do they fit compared to your other shoes?
Member: They fit in the big toe but all the other toes feel loose

One of the best things about the shoe is that it uses barefoot technology.  What the heck is that?  It’s a shoe design used to allow your foot to move naturally as if you were barefoot. This is VERY different than any other shoe most people have worn.  That can leave you feeling like the shoe is too big and much like a clown shoe.  I had the exact same reaction…’re not alone.  I’m sure many people thought that they first time they put them on.

So if you purchased the new Nano and you’re worried they’re too big….DONT panic, it could just be the fact that you’re not used to the barefoot technology.  Of course, theres always the chance that you did buy them too big, but like my member, she just wasn’t used to the fit.


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