I’m not sure who was more scared…

The old bittys bobbing in their arthritis aerobics or Marty.

Ok, let me explain.  Today is Tuesday, and that means…. pool time with Coach Shea.  Every week I’m getting more comfortable in the water, and as I get a little bit better, the drills get a little harder.  It’s interesting how much that reminds me of CrossFit in every way.

I’ve started becoming comfortable in the water, and my rotation is getting more consistent. This week was all about working on the elbow form and finger drag.  And if you just thought ‘what the hell is that’ I thought the same thing. It’s all part of learning how to actually swim.

To cap it all off Marty had me do 6- 50m sprints.  The first one, not to shabby.  What I didn’t realize is that I reverted back to all my bad habits to go fast.  By the time I got to the third round I was tired, my legs were cramping and my breathing got panicked and to top it off water was getting in my goggles.

I literally stopped mid-lap, ripped my goggles off threw them down pool and yelled ‘fuck this’ to Marty.  I finished the lap and felt a little embarrassed.  I wouldn’t do that mid wod, how was this different?  The difference was that I am outside of my comfort zone with swimming, and when you’re in the middle of the lap you have no choice but to finish it.  And after calming down I apologized to Marty, and committed to finishing the workout.

By the time I got to the last round I felt slower, calmer and it was just as easy as the first one, but the form was different.  I wasn’t worried about speed.  I just focused on long strokes, trunk rotation and breathing.  The crazy part.  It was just as fast as the one that left me smoked, and I wasn’t nearly as fatigued.

It’s a learning curve for sure, and I’m a project to say the least.  At least I’m lucky enough to have a coach like Marty to laugh at me, and then get me to refocus.

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  1. can you do a post on muscle up techniques/how you got to being able to do a msucle up? what was your rep scheme, what did you do? thanks!!! 🙂

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