No more tears

24 hours ago I hit the Filthy 50 feeling good and ready to set a PR.  3..2…1..GO!

The box jumps were going smoothly as always until I popped off the box at rep 27, that’s when something went terribly wrong.  I landed, felt a shock up my left leg, and I couldn’t jump.  Having broken my ankles from soccer I looked down immediately thinking that I couldn’t feel my left foot because I had done it again.

I looked down, my left foot looked normal.  I reached down and the bones were in place.  That’s when I knew something was off.  I felt a whole body numbness, everything around me went quite, and I was just confused.  I couldn’t put any weight on my foot without it collapsing.  I immediately sat down and the thought crossed my mind….I just tore my achilles.

I felt the back of my leg, and it was mushy.  I even made a member feel the back of my right leg and then my left to make sure it wasn’t just me.  Sure enough, there was nothing back there.  After some convincing from my members I let them take me to the ER.

The took x-rays and the bones were fine ( I could have told them that).  Upon physical tests the doc felt pretty confident it was torn and that surgery would be required.  Of course, he had to refer me out to an ortho.

Everything began crashing through my head… my gym, my training, my sponsors etc.  What would happen with it all if I have to have surgery.  I quickly began sliding into a sad place and I couldn’t hold back the tears. That’s when my mother stepped in to remind me of the Rawlings family philosophy….

“You have 24 hours to feel sorry for your self and cry, and after that we move on!”

It’s official…. it’s been 24 hours, and I’m not to shed anymore tears of sadness.  Time to rework the plan and keep moving forward.

20 thoughts on “No more tears

  1. Sorry to hear about another set back for one of my favorite crossfit athletes. We all know you’ll be back into it in no time! Get well soon!

  2. WoW. I am so sorry.. you will be in my thoughts and prayers… and while that is going on, here is how I see it..
    your gym, your training, your sponsors are not going anywhere. Your training may have to slow down for a while, but as far as YOU (The Kate Rawlings we all know) you are not going anywhere. The way you are, the way you handle yourself and the way you treat people will keep everything right in place. Your gym/students will be there to support you through it all..They are not going anywhere !!..Your sponsors, if they care about the PERSON they are sponsoring then THEY are not going anywhere either. if any of them drop you, then that is a clear message that they care more about their name then the people that wear their name..And that brings it back to you because that is not who you are.
    You are Kate Killer Rawlings..and you will be BACK AGAIN !!!…
    Oh and P.s. Those of us NOT in Ohio are still with you as well. NOT GOING ANYWHERE..Just looking for inspiration !! and You give PLENTY of it !!
    Head up..Press on..3.2.1 GO !!

  3. Thought CrossFit was supposed to make you stronger not injure you. In any case, we wish you a fast recovery !

  4. That must have been ALOT of weakness leaving the body!
    Maybe going balls to the wall EVERYDAY/EVERY WORKOUT isn’t the best idea.
    Who would’ve thought that legitimate exercise science could be right??
    Good luck with the recovery, tell your son to stop doing “CrossFit” for his own safety, please.

  5. You know you are doing crossfit properly when you get injured. You should be proud of yourself that you pushed your body till it broke. You will recover from this do not worry. You should continue to workout though and do not let this set you back. You still have one good leg and you can try one legged snatches, one legged squats, also plenty of bench press and of course musle ups and pulls ups. good luck healing and see if you can recover without missing a work out. You can work around every injury.

  6. I feel for you. I blew my Achillies in May while sprinting. Around a month after leaving a Crossfit gym in Dublin for another establishment. Seems to be a lot of achillies exploding due to Crossfit workouts. It’s a heartbreaking injury. Mine partially re-tore again in September. Just back walking now 4 weeks. Long road ahead. 🙁

  7. Kate – I feel your pain. Box jump victim/achillies rupture repair in June. Couple questions:
    Were you overtrained at all prior to the injury? What WOD(s) had you done in the previous days (anything including double unders or box jumps)?

    You are on a long road that will test your mental limits. Feel free to email me.

  8. Oops, soorry. I guess maybe it just hadn’t been through moderation yet.
    I retract my calling you a cunt…for now.

  9. I wasn’t doing a ton of jumping last week. I warmed up and felt 100% ready to hit the wod. I was 28 box jumps into a workout at 20″ which I do all the time. I’ve tried to replay the day in my mind since it happened and looking back there’s nothing I would have done differently. There weren’t any warning signs.

  10. The more I’ve talked about it the more I’m hearing from people that have had the same injury. I just remind myself its part of sport. It reminded me of ACL’s playing soccer. We lost a girl a year.

  11. Sounds like you’re a CrossFit fan. My plan is to rest after surgery so that my body has the strength to recover.

  12. This is for Rusty…for real, go stalk someone else’s blog and bring your CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM WITH YOU.. just saying what everyone wanted to say..

  13. I was an avid believer in Crossfit too.
    Im of the opinion now that Crossfit workouts increase your chances of injury vastly. It’s not all just part of sport.
    The surgeons I spoke to about my Achilles injury warned me against further training of this type.
    Just a head up girl, I’d talk very seriously to medical personal before you go back and blow out the other achillies. There is no warning. No pain, bang, it just goes.
    I’ve done one twice in 5 months, one complete rupture one partial tear. It’ll be another few months before I’m even walking properly again never mind running or jumping.
    Drop me a mail if you wanna know anything re rehab or injury cause I’ve don’t the lot and doing it again now.

    Keep the head up!

  14. injury cab be part of sport (hopefully at pro levels when you have $ to compensate), but shouldnt nevr be part of workouts. Seems to happen a lot in CrossFit workouts unfortunately

  15. Kate,

    Very sorry to hear about your injury. You’re doing something you love and I admire and respect that. So please don’t take this as a personal attack because I have nothing against individual CFers, and I certainly would not want to disrespect you in your own home.

    This rant is more or less geared towards CF HQ. I have never heard of Rhabdo or SLAP tears until CF came along. CF has a lot of injuries because it is out of control. There is no quality control check from the top down. Anybody with $1000 can get ‘certified’ and open a box and start training deconditioned people how to be ‘elite.’ Nothing wrong with CF exercises. I personally do CF-type finishers like Tabata, and I have done CST, which also allows my target heart rate to reach 100%. But doing random stuff with no scientific reasoning is just a disaster waiting to happen. I guess what I’m saying is shame on Glassman and anybody who drank the kool-aid.

    Kate, again, I am sincerely sorry about your situation and I hope you recover soon. But please understand that CF is just one of many ‘exercise tools’ in a person’s ‘athletic toolbox.’ There are many ways, far safer than CF, that will allow you to be the best you can be. I hope you and other CFers realize this to avoid permanent disability. Good luck to all!

  16. Hey Kate, we’ve never met but I actually know several people who have met/and or worked with you, and everyone has always had nothing but good things to say. Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope your rehab goes well.

  17. thanks for sharing your struggle Aydi….I don’t plan on rushing anything and have every intention of making it back to CrossFit

  18. Joel….
    I couldn;t agree more, that’s why I try to bring outside philosophies to Coca on a weekly basis. CrossFit is a great base, but not an end all be all

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