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And that’s just what I was doing all the way to my passed out state in surgery yesterday.  My nurse and I were making small talk while she was rolling me to the OR.  She asked how I got injured, and I said I was box jumping at the gym I own.

As we entered the OR she asked what gym I owned, and I said Coca CrossFit, it’s a CrossFit gym.  And two of the nurses already in the room started talking about how they’d seen it on ESPN. So I started telling them about Coca when the doc gave me the good stuff to put me under.  I remember talking about the gym all the way out. lol

Needless to say they got a kick out of the fact that I was marketing up to the end.  I guess that’s what happens when you love what you’re doing, even when you’re facing a big set back like surgery.

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  1. Kate-
    I detached my bicep moving a rock…ok, it was a BIG rock, but it didn’t happen during training. I tore my calf muscle by getting READY to hit a blocking sled…not hitting it, just thinking about hitting it and getting ready to do it.
    Point it, shit happens. Might be related to training, and might be related to just being ready to happen.
    The hardest part for you will be to listen to the drs and do what they say, and not what you think you can do. Yep, that’s from experience.
    Good luck in getting better. Something good is always gonna happen, too.

  2. The fact is, CF has a pretty significant community of critics. Most come from the strength training field who scoff rather loudly at CF’s use of major lifts in high-rep fashion. (Just go on the forums at http://www.cathletics.com and post a question like “Do you think ‘Randy’ is a good way for me to practice snatches?” and watch the firestorm begin.)

    Some of the criticism is valid. There are a lot of boxes with relatively underexperienced trainers who program heavy volume metcons, day after day with very little strength, and very little skill. High volume equals higher chance for injury because you’re just grinding yourself to a pulp.

    That said, it seems an Achilles tear during box jumps is completely serendipitous. Thousand of people do box jumps every single day without injury. Jumping is what we humans were meant to do. And I have no doubt that countless of our ancestors tore the occasional Achilles tendon jumping from this to that.

    The critics do fail to realize that yes, injury occurs. Injury occurs sometimes when someone just reaches down to pick up a paperclip and compresses their spine just enough to herniate a disc. Injury occurs in every high school training room with completely experienced teachers-turned-coaches who bark out “look at the ceiling!” when their football players are doing heavy squats. Injury occurs at every single gym in the nation where people go in and on their own, do some really stupid shit with weight (which is why every single gym in the nation has you sign a liability waiver before you walk in). Injury is simply NOTHING new.

    I suspect this is not an indictment of CF so much as an indictment of Greg Glassman. You can read the disdain in the comments about “science” and “sport” and see how Glassman’s arrogance has raised up a fleet of haters. This is aggravated by the fact that he fires everyone in his vicinity who dares to disagree with him, regardless of whether they may be right. Add to this the fact that level 1 certs are cranking out thousands of “trainers” (yes, sarcasm quotes intentional) and raking in millions of dollars for the company provides enough fodder for comments like “rusty”.

    However, any comment not supported with a real name and a real address should be ignored. Bring all comers who are willing to stand and argue like adults. Bullies are not advancing the discussion in any way shape or form, so delete and move on.

  3. I will disagree slightly with what Rolf says about listening to your doctors – listen to your body, do lots of reading there is a very very wide range of recommendations for rehab from extremely conservative to very aggressive. As a fit crossfit athlete I took the very aggressive route and I think you will/should probably do the same but be smart about it. I was full weight bearing by 4 weeks boot off at 6. I was back squating in my boot at 4 weeks and doing one legged everthing from rowing to skipping to yes even box jumps (just will never jump down again!!) If i had listened to my surgeon he would have had me non weight bearing for 8 weeks and in my boot for 12 – that is pure craziness. There were 4 of us that I know of that all ruptured ours during last years open WOD 11.2 we all communicated over the ensuing months and exchanged rehab recommenadations and were great support for each other. IF you need any advice just email me. Take collagen! Get laser, move it as soon as you can, take that boot off and get your ROM going – again within reason – take a few days off completely then get at er. I highly recommend a rolling stool to rest your leg on at home then you can boogie around your house without crutches that is if you have hardwood floors. That saved my life and my pits. Good luck Kate.

  4. As a novice, 65yo, totally out of shape female, I walked into Kate’s CocaCrossfit gym thinking I couldn’t even begin to do any of this. Our first warmup was 1 min. jumprope. I hadn’t jumped rope since I was 12. Not a pretty sight! But by the end of our 2 week (6 classes) prep classes, I was able to do 500M row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups and 10 pullups with modifications. The reason I was able to complete this was Kate being there to push me with positive reinforcement. I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible. For 6-7 months, I went religiously 3 days/week. Then my knee started bothering me. Diagnosis – overstretched tendons from squats and load lifting. The old body is fighting me. However, I have been able to continue other exercise activities thanks to Kate getting me started. I hope to eventually get back to Coca because Kate is such an inspiration. Bullys are not worth your time and energy. I enjoy telling people about Crossfit and how it has helped me feel better about me.

  5. That said, it seems an Achilles tear during box jumps is completely serendipitous.

    It isn’t, there have been a lot of Achilles tears during high rep box jumps. There are certainly a lot of injuries around CrossFit that are serendipitous, but not this one. Try googling around.

  6. I see there’s not discussing anything on this blog as everyone seems to have been brainwashed by this non sport.

  7. Sorry to hear that you are using this injury as an excuse to take time off and not work out. You can easily train around this somewhat minor injury. Hope you reconsider.

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