I’m ready for the 2012 CrossFit Games…are you?

Ok…ok….ok…..I’m far from being ready for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

We have a count down board at my gym, Coca CrossFit, and we’re a short 65 days from the first workout of the 2012 CrossFit Games season.  I’m hoping to be walking without a boot by then.

Now you may be thinking to yourself; ‘you’ll never be ready and I couldn’t agree more’ but that’s not going to stop me from missing another games season.  With a broken back last year I couldn’t do anything.  I couldn’t even carry my own back pack because it put too much pressure on my back.  This year, I’ve got a healthy able body minus one lower leg.

Something that I sell everyday is that everything is modifiable to any skill level or disability.  The open wods should be no different.  I plan on doing what I can even if it means I have to modify knowing I won’t make it any further than my gym by doing them.

I’m always pushing my community to get outside their comfort zone and partake in events outside our gym.  The open is no different.  I’ll encourage every single athlete in my facility to partake regardless if they feel ready to or not.  Competing is scary enough, yet alone when you don’t feel ready.  I can’t ask that of anyone else if I’m not willing to do it myself.

In 65 days the open workouts begin…..and I’ll be participating side by side with my athletes…..ready or not.