I commit

I commit to 25 days on a Paleo Diet

Today I hosted a nutrition clinic at Coca CrossFit.  Josh Bunch and Chastity Slone of Practice CrossFit were kind enough to come in to talk about their take on nutrition….. Paleo.

While I’ve known about Paleo for years, and followed a Plaeo-ish diet, I’ve never really committed.

Josh said some things that really got me thinking;

1. Carbs are an addiction.  If you have ‘cheat days’ or ‘cheat meals’ you’re allowing yourself to fall victim to your addition.  Alcoholics can’t have just one drink or a day to drink, why should sugars be any different?

2. As a coach you’re setting the example.  If I take cheat days or meals, or eat paleo-ish, how can I sit and tell someone else to eat paleo?

I learned a TON more about the science behind what’s happening, but those two points were the two that really stuck out to me.

Something that I’ve really focused on the last few months is leading by example.  As an affiliate owner and coach I am the example.  And if I’m not setting a good example, how can I expect my members to do anything but what I do?

I take my role seriously in every sense of the word.  By committing to a strict Paleo diet for 25 days I’m looking to break my addition to carbs and set a solid example for my community.


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