Officially Sold Out

It’s official…. I’ve ‘sold out’

I recently watched a video put out by Jeremy Thiel and it really hit home.  What are you doing with your business?  Are you running it or are you building it?  And his description of building it is ‘selling out’ to it.

Often when people use the term ‘sell out’ it’s a bad thing, but why?  Selling out isn’t always a bad thing.  Sometimes it can mean you’re just completely bought into something.  Such as; being completely bought into your business.  I’m not trying to be something…. I am something.  I CrossFit, I eat right, I compete, I struggle, I have mental blocks, I hit PR’s, I am Coca.  I’m not asking my members to do anything I haven’t done or do myself.

I am sold out on Coca!

I’m sold out on my vision
I’m sold out on my brand
I’m sold out on what I stand for
I’m sold out on who I’ve surrounded myself with
I’m sold out….. on 1,000 different things about Coca

I’m proud to say I’m officially Sold out on building Coca CrossFit!