I wonder….

I wonder sometimes if I’m doing the right thing.  Here I sit on a Saturday night in a coffee shop chipping away at a paleo challenge tracking log and I wonder if that’s ok.  why?  Because the social norm would lead me to believe that at 29 years old, single, no kids I should be getting ready to party with my friends and whoop up the town.  I should be hanging out at the local watering hole looking for Mr. Right, or hell… even Mr. Right now.

But as I sit here working on the challenge log, there’s no where else in the world I wish I were.  I’m excited about the challenge, and the lives it could potentially change, and that excites me more than any night out on the town.  I’ve got a lot of projects and events coming down the pipe line, and I’m in a ‘busy season’ so that means I work.  And I use the word ‘work’ loosely.  It doesn’t feel like work.  It’s exciting and I’m excited about doing it.

What I wonder is if I’ll find someone that’s as crazy as me.  Loves CrossFit as much as me?  Loves my dog as much as me?  Loves the opportunity to change lives as much as me?   Or maybe not as much as me, but at least ‘gets it’.

Everyone says stop looking and he’ll find you.  I guess time will tell.  Until then I plan on spending my time on the things that make me happy, and right now, my work is making me very happy.

2 thoughts on “I wonder….

  1. This blog just shows everyone another reason why you are such an inspiration !!!!.. Keep doing what you are doing !!!.. And thanks for inspiring me to be a better person… its just too bad that coffee shop isnt in Florida..

  2. I hope its the right thing, because I am basically doing the same. Thanks for reminding me I am at least not alone 🙂

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