12.1 – Mixed Emotions

I did it… I completed Crossfit Games open wod 12.1 today.  I will complete each workout only once and call it a day.

As many of you know workout 12.1 is as many burpees as possible in 7min jumping to a 6″ target.  I’ve spent all week thinking about this workout, dreaming about this workout.  I’ve been watching athlete as my box complete it.  I’ve been watching scores from other people.

The common question I’ve been asked:  What’s your goal?

My answer: Don’t do anything stupid.

Being I just got cleared to workout again on Wednesday this week, I’m was just excited to be completing the workout.  I had a goal, but at the same time I had to keep my health the most important thing.  I knew the jump would pull on my achilles, and I knew I didn’t want to set myself back any.

3…2….1….GO!!!!  I came out FAR too fast doing 22 in the fist 60 seconds, but that didn’t concern me, it was the pulling I felt when I was jumping about half way through the workout.  I stopped, I looked at my judge, who I had hand picked to keep me reigned in and from doing anything stupid, and said ‘I can feel it pulling’

I stopped for a good 30 seconds, talked about stopping, stretched and continued on.  I kept an ok pace until the last two minutes.  I could feel it pulling on every jump I made. It was then that I decided to finish the last two minutes using only one leg to jump.

95 reps later I as done!  Sitting back and looking at it a few hours later now I have mixed emotions.  I’m incredibly proud at what I accomplished.  11 weeks from surgery and I didn’t back down, I modified a little, but I didn’t back down.   I really wanted to get into the triple digits.

I reviewed the video and the athlete in my is so angry at all the places I could have made up reps, but the healing woman in me is proud that I was smart enough to listen to my body and slow down when I needed too.  I came out super cautious and took the conservative route which lost me time and reps.  The smart logical realistic business owner in me is proud that I was able to keep my eye on the most important thing, healing!   See the video below

The athlete in me is angry and wants more reps, but the healing athlete in me is super proud of how far I’ve come in such a short time.  It also excites me about where I’ll be when I’m not at 50%

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