I conquered a fear

Today I conquered a BIG fear…. box jumps.

I knew it was unrealistic to expect to not see box jumps in the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, but it didn’t stop me from hoping.  I had made the decision prior to starting the open that if box jumps showed up I wouldn’t do them.  As much as I want to get my hat in the competition ring again, I have no intention of starting this whole recovery process over again.

Anyway.. back to conquering my fear.  I thought I had to put up at least one rep in every workout to stay on the team should we get one to regionals.  (we researched later that I don’t have to do all the workouts, just one, but that’s ok).  12.3 starts with 15 box jumps at 20″.  I haven’t done any box jumps since rupturing my achilles, and it’s only been 13 weeks.

I walked up to the box with every intention of hitting one box jump and walking away… no big deal right?  And then panic set in. I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t trust it.  I tried three times to walk away and then came back to the box.  I couldn’t do it.

Luckily I had 4 amazing members around me that decided I need to conquer my fear so they brought out the 8″ box.  I landed it.  Then they brought out the 12″ box.  I landed it.  Then it was time… 20″.  I just needed one rep.  3…2…1….GO…..

I took off and landed on top of the box.  Wow… I’d done it, and more importantly I had NO intention of doing it again.  I had conquered a BIG fear.  The fear that I’d NEVER box jump again.  While I’m not ready to have them in a workout at 20″ today I’m well on my way to getting there.