Black Box It

Sometimes a black box experiment is the best way to figure out.  How do I use the black box to experiment on myself?

I play with my training, nutrition, recovery and mobility etc.  The black box part is not knowing every little detailed reason something happens but knowing what you’ve changed and the result you got.

With my return to training with two legs Brian Yoak and I have been experimenting with training days, movements etc.  Something that we found is the third day of ‘real’ training I’ve been drained.  Yes I worked out while recovering from the achilles repair, but not nearly with the intensity I used to have.  I would call it more of a maintenance plan.

It’s been three weeks now and I’m struggling to get back in the swing.  By the time I hit my third day of working out I’m so sore and tired the workout is garbage.  What are we putting into the black box? 2 days on 1 day off.  Short intense workouts to get my lungs back and 20 rep maxes to get my body used to moving weights again.  We’re going to test for three weeks and see what happens.

I used a rowing helen at mens weight at my before wod….I FAILED to complete the workout pulling off after two rounds due to my achilles screaming.  I’ll retest in three weeks, and would hope that 1. I would make it through the workout  and 2. that I put up a sub 15min time.  I know… not impressive, but at 4months from surgery it’s a time I’d take.

I love experimenting on myself as it gives me a wide variety of ways to approach my athletes training.  If it’s something that I’ve tried and I find works for me, it gives me another way to improve my athletes.  And on the flip side if it doesn’t work, I know not to use it on others.  Black boxing is an important piece of training.