Ahhh….it’s over

I have to say, I have a sense of relief today as the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is over.  I find myself in 326 place in the Central East Region.  Not too shabby considering I took a score of 1 rep on the third workout and finished the other workouts at 50% health.

It proved the point I was looking to make – I’m down but I’m not out.  If I can finish so high in my current physical state, what can I do when I’m back to 100%?  That’s what’s driving me now.  I’ve got 7 months to get ready for the Beast of the East in October.  It’s our yearly Coca CrossFit road trip, and I plan on making a statement there again this year.  Last year I took 6th place, this year I’d like to make the podium.