Hard work – Consistency & Time

One of the hardest things to get people to understand is the amount of time it really takes to be good at CrossFit.  You hear all these crazy stories of previous athletes in other sports tripping into CrossFit and dominating.  Let me tell you, that’s not the norm, and it’s not without hard work and dedication.

One thing I try and get all my athletes to understand is that it takes HARD WORK- CONSISTENCY & TIME

Hard work – if you follow any games athlete present of past one thing you’ll see is that they all work REALLY freaking hard.  They may only work out once a day  four days a week or hit multiple wods a day 6 times a week.  The common theme is that when they’re there to work they do just that.  There’s no half assed efforts or dicking around.  It’s business.

Consistency – One of my most pivotal pieces to being a successful CrossFit athlete is consistency.  There is no I pushed hard this week, taking next week off and well see maybe how I feel after that.  It’s non-negotiable.  They are consistent not only in how they train, but how often they train. They consistently push themselves through out the year.

Time – Most games athletes take years to develop.  Look at me, I FAILED hard core the first year I tied to make it to the games.  Look at Dan Bailey and Lisa Shui, failed their first year, made it their second.  It takes time to master the skills and movement patterns crossfit requires of it’s athletes.

In my humble opinion you need all three to succeed as an athlete in CrossFit be it in your daily wod at your affiliate or your an athlete trying to get to the games.  You need HARD WORK – CONSISTENCY & TIME