You’re jobs so easy – perk vs reality

If I had a penny for every time someone told me that my ‘job was easy’ I’d be rich!!!!

There are many people in and outside of the CrossFit world that see all the perks without the reality.

Perk – wearing sweats all day
Reality – I do wear sweats all day, but it means my ‘real’ clothes are dated and out of fashion

Perk– you can work out all day
Reality – I’m teaching classes all day, sometimes I don’t want to be there any more, even if it’s for my personal workout

Perk– you make your own schedule
Reality – I’m at the mercy of the gym schedule, less hours = less options = less members Hiring coaches has helped this, but I’ve managed to fill that with running the business (not because I HAVE too, but because I WANT to)

Perk – you have your afternoons to do what ever you want
Reality – I have three websites building the brand, two inboxes, voicemail, programming, blogging, researching, etc  While yes, I’m not running classes all afternoon, that doesn’t mean if I’m not running classes I’m not working.  Running classes is the easy stuff.

Ok… ok… ok… you get the idea. When you look behind the curtain there’s much more involved to running a gym than just coaching a few classes a day.  The next time you go to your box thank the owner, they’re working harder than you may realize.