70lbs PR’s are the BEST!!!

I headed over to The Ludus, owned by Mark Valenti to learn the box squat.  It’d had been a long time since I had last back squatted.  Like a year and a half ago long time.  My previous PR was 265lbs.

We started todays session with an empty bar, and to say it was a struggle was is an under statement.  I’ve spent so much time focusing on a solid olympic lifting squat.  Hitting ass to ankles and bouncing out of the bottom.  To take a wide stance and send the butt back was counter initiative to everything my body wanted to do.

I honestly thought it was going to be a lost cause by the end of the fist set of 5.  The more sets I got in, the easier it became.  I had to stop fighting what I was used to and put my faith into the system.  Sure enough….. shit worked!

I hit a 70lbs PR hitting a 315lbs box squat, and it landed me on The Ludus leader board.  And me being slightly competitive and greedy – I already have my sights on the top of the board and with 20 more lbs I’ll be there. (see lift below)