Buddy System Rules!

So you have all heard me talking about the ‘buddy system’ at Coca, this is a different buddy system that I speak of.  A buddy to workout with everyday.  I often find that running a gym doesn’t leave much time to workout with other people because you’re usually running the classes where people work out.

With the implementation of the new competition team workouts (www.cocacompteam.com) some of us are realizing we need a buddy now more than ever.  Why?  Because the programing is very anti-CrossFit including bicep curls, skull crushers and shrugs.  WHAT????? how could it be?   It just is OK!

Mimi, one of my members sent me a note about not wanting to do the work alone, and I don’t blame her, I don’t either.  Starting next week, she’s my buddy…… my workout buddy and I couldn’t be more excited.  After a year and a half I’ll finally have someone to talk to when I workout other than the dog.