A little blind faith is working

5 weeks ago I embarked on a crazy adventure to get stronger.  I spent months talking with some of the best coaches I could get anytime with.  And out popped www.cocacompteam.com  It’s a strength program in every sense of the word down to bicep curls and skull crushers.

It goes agains everything I’ve ever preached about CrossFit; specializing in not specializing – functional movements – ready for anything. And yet here I sit reviewing my programming seeing little to no CrossFit any where.

Why?  A couple reasons.  1) I started hitting CF workouts again and the first couple of weeks went awesome but by the third week my calf was like a rock and my achilles was tight tight tight!  6 months hasn’t been long enough to hit workouts full go.  2) I’ve been out a long time due to my achilles surgery and I’ve lost quite a bit of strength.  Knowing the games are getting heavier I need to get stronger.

I’ve never done a true strength program so I’ve had to put some ‘blind faith’ in what those around me have told me, and guess what – IT’S WORKING!

Push Jerk:
5 weeks ago: 145lbs 1 rep max
Today: 125lbs for 10

Shoulder Press 1 rep max:

5 weeks ago: 105lbs
Last week: 120lbs

Deadlift 1 rep max:
5 weeks ago: 275lbs
Last week: 305lbs

4 thoughts on “A little blind faith is working

  1. Hey Kate,

    This is very cool. We’ve started incorporating similar stuff into CrossFit Surival. Out of curiosity, since you’re in Ohio, is this Westside Barbell based?

    I LOVE Westside Barbell’s ideology, and I was just curious.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hmmm. I took a look at cocacompteam.com Clearly this isn’t Westside per se, but I like it!

    Way to think outside the box!

  3. Shannon – I based it off the conjugate strength program and added a Jeff Tucker gymnastics twist with some Mark Canella o-lifts. It’s a mash up for sure. And of course there’s a little CrossFit sprinkled in twice a week. It will stay this way for a few months until I’m closer to my next competition mid-October.

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