Frustration = Opportunity

Last night I had a 45min heart to heart with Brian Laux, a fellow Coca coach and friend about my frustrations.  Frustrations with the olympic lifts.  My technique isn’t terrible, but what is is my speed.

For the newbie lifter it’s pretty ok, but I’m not maximizing my potential, I’m just getting by.  And by ‘just getting by’ I’m pulling 175/185lbs for a 1 rep, but imagine what I could lift if I were truly exploding.

For three weeks now his biggest cue has been ‘SPEED TO THE BAR’ and for three weeks now I’m not getting any faster, leading me to feel frustrated. By the end of our talk I realized two things;

1 – Frustration = opportunity.  If I’m not moving efficiently and I’m still hitting PR’s and moving some significant loads, imagine the opportunity I have to improve.  And more importantly, the loads I’d be moving if I were actually lifting with speed.

2- Have faith in the drills.  I have been resistant to drill drill drill as I’m not sure I see or understand the correlation between the two.  Why?  Why am I being so stubborn?  I need to have some blind faith, try it his way, and see what happens.  I don’t need to really truly understand why it works as long as it works.

And doing things wrong, and having a coach correct me is exactly what will get me back to the top.  Instead of getting frustrated I need to listen and apply and see the opportunity I’m being given.