Too Funny to NOT Share

Today my friend Mark Valenti came into help us with our 1 rep max Zercher Squat.  I’ve been working with him on some of the more ‘strongman’ type lifts to make sure I’m doing them properly.  After watching several videos on the Zercher I figured it was best to just bring him in to teach us.

I was spot on on needing him to supervise us.  It’s a much more challenging lift than I thought.  I didn’t know what to expect never having done them before, but little did I know that I’d find myself on my ass…… literally…..

After 3 failed attempts at 235lbs I was pissed off and determined to lift the damn bar.  I got a good lift, and some how managed to launch myself 10ft on a less than graceful dismount.  It was too f#cking funny to not share….. see below