I just don’t respect you

There…. I said it….

It’s something that is certainly a hot button in the CrossFit world – the community and supporting everyone.  I’ll be the first person to say we need to support and respect the community, but lets be honest, there are some people that aren’t worth supporting or respecting.

In the last two years I’ve learned more about human nature than I ever thought I would, some good, some bad and some so ugly it still baffles me.  It’s crazy what happens when money, pride and egos are involved.

Here’s just a few things I’ve dealt with in my first two years of business;
Having ‘family’ black list me for building my dream
Having a conman try and put his business debt in my name
Having an entrepreneur try and build their business off my dime
Having to fire members because they belittled others or rep shaved to win
Watched affiliates back stab each other to try and get ahead

Am I perfect – NO!  I’ve never claimed to be perfect, but I’ve never actively worked on tearing someone else down to get ahead.  I wish I could say others haven’t done tried to tear me down.  I know people I’ll never respect again as a direct result of how they’ve disrespected me or Coca CrossFit.  I won’t do anything to belittle them or make a scene when I see them.  I don’t wish ill on them, I also don’t wish them well – I’m just indifferent and would be totally ok if our worlds never collided again.

The point is – I  LOVE AND SUPPORT MY COMMUNITY AT COCA AND THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE.  I respect those that deserve my respect, and I’m so thankful to be surrounded by so many amazing people.  So THANK YOU to all of you that embody all that is good about CrossFit, and share that with others.  We’re birds of a feather and we flock together!

One thought on “I just don’t respect you

  1. I totally hear where you’re coming from. Have had similar experiences here. It is unfortunate, some people’s behavior is shocking. keep doing what you’re doing, for all the right reasons.

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