Training Update – HUGE RESULTS

10 weeks ago I started a journey – a journey to return to my competition shape.  I committed to a strength program, a supplement plan and a ‘crazy’ diet.  I committed that I would stick to this plan through August giving it a full 5 months before changing anything.

At the 70 day mark the results have been short of AMAZING!!!!

 Lifts:          Day 1               Day 70
Deadlift:         275                     315
Press:              100                    125
Push Press:    130                     160
Clean:             160                      185
Back Squat:    225                     245
Front Squat:   185                    210
Box Squat:      265                     315

Butterfly Pullup     1             12
Muscle Ups           0-1           5
HSPU                     2-3          8-10

Weight:           139                     144
Waist:              32″                    30.8″
Hips:                36.5″                  37.8″
Chest:               34″                    36″
Upper Leg:      22.2″                 23.8″
Upper Arm:    12.2″                  12.5″

Training Plan:
Mon – Dynamic and accessory lower body & WOD
Tues – Dynamic and accessory upper body & Olympic lifting
Wed – REST
Thurs – Max Effort and accessory lower body & Olympic Lifting
Fri – Max Effort and accessory upper body & WOD
Saturday – Olympic lifting & skill work

Diet: Intermittent Fasting
I wake up, run 5 hours of classes, train all before eating. My first meal of the day is typically around 12 noon/1pm and my last meal will be no later than 8:30pm PERIOD! I eat what ever I want in what ever quantity I want.
Typical Day:
Meal 1: 4 Eggs with 4oz almond oil, 2 oz cheese, 8 strips turkey bacon, rolled in two burritos with a whole avocado
Meal 2: 4 cups kale, 2 cups berries, 6oz canola oil, 1 scoop barley greens – juiced
Meal 3: 8 oz meat, 2 cups jasmine rice, 2 cups green veggie, 30 almonds

Supplements: AtLargeNutrition
Wake up: ETS & Fish Oil
Pre-workout: BCAA
Post workout: Nitrean Plus & Results
Before Bed: Nitrean Plus, Fish Oil & ETS

5 thoughts on “Training Update – HUGE RESULTS

  1. Hey Kate,

    The cocacompteam link isn’t working. I’d love to see what you were doing for training. Very impressive results!!!

  2. Hey Kate,
    Where would you suggest I go to learn more about your intermittent fasting routine? Is this an Art DeVany kind of thing or is there another resource that you use?

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