Today is a good day

Training for competition is NEVER easy regardless of what level you’re going to compete at or in what sport.  At the end of the day you typically find more faults and errors than successes.  Today however was a GOOD DAY!  I actually felt successful and like I might be making some progress.

I kicked the day off with a 3reps on the minute every minute for 15min of
Min 1-5: Shoulder Press @85lbs
Min:5-10: Push Press @125lbs
Min 10-15: Push Jerk @145lbs aka 1lbs more than body weight

I followed up the workout with a 1 rep max Pin Press (a bench press where you let the bar stop on the pins at chest height and push out of a dead stop) at…….wait for it……160lbs!!!!!! BOOM BABY!

And when I thought it couldn’t get any better….. it did…. I wanted to test a non-false grip muscle up, which I’ve never done before, and failed twice. I asked Jess to take a video to see what I was doing wrong…and BOOM….LANDED IT!

I’m on cloud 9, and to top it all off, in two hours I’m Chi-town bound for the weekend with my girls and some CF kids cert time.