Give credit where credit’s due

If there’s one thing that chaps my ass it’s people taking credit for other people’s work.  I’ve seen more of it now that people are selecting coaches that have successful track records.

There are many gyms that give credit to the creators of the programs they run at their facilities such as ‘we’re a .com gym’ AWESOME- they’re not using .com and calling it their own.

Nothing chaps my ass more than when I hear an athlete talk about how great their coach is at programming when I know for a fact they’re using someone else’s work and passing it as their own.  I would NEVER call them out, that’s not my place, but it does suck for the rest of us that spend hours programming.  I guess you could make the argument that I could use someone else’s programming too, but I wouldn’t be able to charge people what I do knowing I’m not really working to earn it.  I think writing programming is a part of what people are paying for, considering they could get any workout they wanted online. What makes yours any better?

I try to give credit when I use a .com or I bounced ideas of my ‘board of directors’ and they give me a good idea.  I by no means do it all myself, but Coca’s programming is from my head, my research and my experience, and more importantly….my time.  I would never pass someone else’s programming as my own or as Coca’s.

All I’m saying – is people work hard to create programs for their affiliates, some that have proven track records, if you use one….. just give credit where credits due!

2 thoughts on “Give credit where credit’s due

  1. haha chaps my ass…I like that. If I use it, I’ll give you credit!! 😉
    See you soon

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