It’s official- I’m 30

As of the 15th I’m officially 30!  What does that mean?  I’m not really sure….other than I’m another year older.

In all seriousness, it’s a milestone bday, and it’s gotten me to reflect at how far I’ve come, and how many things I’ve achieved.  Today I’m 30 years old, I own my own business that’s growing, I’ve got the cutest puppy a girl could ask for, a loving family (who’s brother is about to make me an aunt..whoop whoop) and a future that’s bright. My only hope is that my next 30 years are half as good as my first 30.
Goals still on my list;
Become the ‘it’ gym in Cleveland for all the outlier sports
Grow a program that gets 12-17 year old girls into CF
Create a program for injured military veterans
Learn to balance my work/life time better
Find someone to settle down and share it all with

4 thoughts on “It’s official- I’m 30

  1. Kate,

    Good for you and happy belated birthday! I’m in the military and I think it’s great that you want to start a program for injured vets! I am set to get out of the military a few months after my 30th birthday with plans of affiliating. Thanks for reminding me I won’t be too old to do so!


  2. KATE! You rock, and your gym family is amazing. So glad I got the chance to visit and can’t wait to come back! Keep it up, you’re on the right path.

  3. Love that you got to ring in your 30’s at the CrossFit Games, so cool.

    Just wanted to say I love this goal:
    “Grow a program that gets 12-17 year old girls into CF”

    I have big dreams about girls of that age group too. With all the strong women in our community, I know we can succeed and do a lot of good for teenage girls looking for a place to be themselves. Keep us posted on how we can help!

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