I admit… I was afraid

It’s something I’m not too big to admit….. fear…

Today I tackled a 1 rep max Push Jerk, and managed to hit 165lbs, which is 20lbs more than last time.  It’s a lift I don’t really care for, which means I don’t do it all that often and I’m not confident in the technique.  As a result when I went to hit 175lbs I freaked the f*ck out and wouldn’t get under the bar.  Instead I failed….failed…failed…

Even though I knew why I was failing, my dip was too low, too slow and I didn’t drive aggresively under the bar (because I was afraid too) I couldn’t get my brain and my body to work together.  Today was not my day.  What does my ‘I’m too afraid to do it’ look like… see for yourself…..

2 thoughts on “I admit… I was afraid

  1. I always follow the rule, once you PR a lift, even if you aren’t done with your sets, just call that shit quits! I PR’ed my snatch the other day, and did not follow my own advice and added more weight. I failed 3 times in a row! 🙁

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