I’ve got to let it go….

I had an awesome cup of coffee with my good friend Carl Dei today, and we discussed the importance of ‘letting it go’.  We all have great things and terrible things that happen in our lives.  Some that we can control and some that we can NOT control.  Some that are internal, and some that are external.

It has taken some time and learning, but I’m finally in a place where those things that have happened to me, and those people I can’t control have to be ‘let go’.  I can’t continue to let all my hard work and positive influences I’m having on those around me be out shadowed by anger or hurt.  It’ s taking away from all the great things I’m doing and am going to do.

I’m in a place of forgiveness.  I have to be the change I want to see in the world.  I want to see a world of forgiveness, and to live what I want, I’m going to spend some time forgiving.