SOOO Hard to resist

I’ll be the first to admit it.  I break down.  I know that ‘sugar is the devil’ and yet I’m not above weak moments where I enjoy the white gift from the gods. LOL

Take these for example……



These are cookies left over from my 30th birthday party this past weekend.  And let me tell you, they’re damn good!  Even if you are paleo you have to admit that at some point in your life you enjoyed a good cookie, don’t act like you haven’t.

I’ve been good since then, but yesterday, there they were, all glittered with goodness, staring me in the face.  I tried to resist, not make eye contact, but I kept going back.

I did……I broke down and I had one, and it was delicious (in that moment) and once those 30 seconds past I was left with the ‘that wasn’t worth it’ feeling.  It’s funny to me that even after 3 years of clean eating I still break down.  It’s human nature, and no one’s perfect.

The good news is that I eat all the things I should eat so that when I ‘fall off the wagon’ all I have to do is get back on and no harm is done.  Besides.  I like being human.

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