Almost to embarrassed to share

I waffled on if I should share today’s epic stumbles or not.  After some thinking today, I realized that sharing my struggles is just as important as sharing my successes.  So here I go…..

Today’s wod was a recent mainpage wod:
30 Thrusters @65lbs
3 Rope Climbs
20 Thrusters
2 Rope Climbs
10 Thrusters
1 Rope Climb

I saw Andrea Ager posted a 3:40 so I figured worst case scenario would be sub 5min for sure. TIME….6:08???? What the hell happened?

I hit the first 30 thrusters unbroken – no issues.  I went to jump up the rope, and as my hands hit the ropes its like they went dead and my grip couldn’t hold the rope.  I shook it off as a fluke, and re-jumped, only to miss again.  WHAT THE HELL!!??!?  I regained focus and up the rope I went in 3 big pulls for all 3 climbs.

I was back on the bar for 20, and yet by the time I hit 5 I was SMOKED!  My shoulder blades were on fire, and it felt like every rep was my shoulders were ripping.  I wish I could say that I hit all 20 unbroken, but that’s far from what happened.  It was all sorts of broken up in sets of 3.  Up the rope I went again.  The final 10 weren’t much better.

So what the hell happened?  I did everything I could that’s what!  I mentally am still a Games athlete while physically I’m all of two weeks into working out after 9 months of just strength work.  I’m not where I was, I’m where I am.  Everyday I’m going to get stronger, fitter faster, but it wont happen over night.  I can’t compare myself to where I was, or where I think I should be.  I am where I am and I have to work everyday to get better than I was yesterday.