Success in failure

Today I learned to enjoy success in my failure today.

After warming up it was time to hit a 1 rep max Squat Clean.  I haven’t done this in for forever, so I knew it was going to be an adventure.  I moved through 165lbs NO PROBLEM!  165lbs was my old PR, and it felt super easy, so I got aggressive and went for 185lbs.

1st attempt – my elbow speed was WAY too slow and I ended up on my ass
2nd attempt – I got much closer to the catch and at this point I was determined to get it
3rd attempt – I got stuck… see below

While I didn’t land the lift, I see a few things I am doing wrong in my technique that would help a ton.  And it was 20lbs more than my previous PR even though I didn’t complete the lift.  It’s just around the corner.

Today I had success in failure!