Avoiding relationships

Ok…. so it’s day one of being open and honest.  Why?  1- because I’m working on being more authentic and 2- if I’m open and honest I’m free of trying to ‘hide anything’ and that’s very freeing

Relationships…..or avoiding them is something I have mastered.  Why? Let me tell you the first few excuses I can fire off;
1- I work WAY too much for a relationship
2- I’m focused on my training right now
3- I’m not willing to settle
4- I just haven’t found ‘the one’ yet
Should I go on……????

The real reason? I’m avoiding heartache. I’ve only been truly in love twice in my life. Once was in high school, and who knows if that was really love or being 16 and thinking I knew it all. The second was in college, and I really thought that he was ‘the one’ and my life was all figured out until it all came crashing down around me and I was left broken.  I’ve had several relationships since then, but none that were life changing or serious.

Here I sit single and I know exactly why.  I haven’t found someone that I’ve been completely comfortable with.  Someone I feel comfortable being ‘weak’ around.  And I don’t mean weak, I simply mean I spend all day being rough and tough running a business and training my tail feathers off.  At the end of the day I want to be the woman of the relationship.  I want a man that will take charge, make me feel safe and protect me from monsters.  Almost every strong powerful woman I know wants a white knight  to sweep them off their feet and treat them like the princess that they are.  A white knight that will protect them when the world is mean.  A white knight to provide a strong shoulder when the world comes crashing down on them.  You can say that’s the crap of fairy tales and it doesn’t exist I would agree…… to a point.

I know I’m rough and tough, but at the end of the day I want a man to be a man and take charge so that I can take on a more traditional role of a woman.  I’m all for powerful women, but I’m also not against traditional roles.  A man should be a man, and a woman should be a woman.  Fighting that is just fighting nature.  (again….before you go crazy…this is my personal opinion)