I was listening to a book as I often do when I work, and the topic of the chapter was about being authentic.  What does that really mean…. being authentic?  That means being open about who you are, embracing who you are and sharing that with the world.  That’s so much easier than said.

Having blogged now for over 4 years and having done my best to share my success and my failures I think I’ve become a little more un-authentic.  Why?  Because people are mean.  Simple as that.  I’ve learned quickly that opening myself up while inspiring some gives others the fuel they need/want to tear me down.

Fear of being judged and broken down have made me a little more careful about what I share.  I’m writing today to say NO MORE!  NO MORE will I worry about what others will think or say.  NO MORE will I hold my inner thoughts or emotions in for fear of looking weak or vulnerable.  NO MORE!

People will think what they think and say what they say.  I can’t control that.  I’m going to be more open about my life, love and pursuit of happiness…..AUTHENTICALLY

3 thoughts on “NO MORE

  1. Once you put yourself out there, the universe responds. Good, bad and in between. You make me want to be a better person for trying so hard Kate. It is part of being human that causes the ego to spew bad energy. I am learning to speak daily affirmations of goodness, kindness towards others and diligence in my work. I am glad you put yourself out there. Thank you!

  2. Regardless.. Those that you inspire and follow you think you are doing an amazing job !!…Totally understand closing down due to the mean people but you are truly and amazing and inspiring person.. So this new AUTHENTIC Kate is going to be the one thing that puts you on top of the rest !!..
    GREAT STUFF !!.. Keep it up !!

  3. “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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