Get over yourself

Who….me???   Yes, I’m talking to myself, you and everyone.  Stop taking yourself so damn serious!

I’ve been working hard this last year to embrace myself as I am, flawed and more so perfectly flawed.  Guess what, we all are.  People are often FAR too concerned about how they’ll be perceived, what others will think and god forbid what they’ll say.

I’ve learned that they’re going to talk regardless of what I do, I might as well give them something to talk about.  My most recent ‘talk about me’ is my hair…….corn rows!

We did a beauty photo shoot at Coca CrossFit this past Sunday, and one of the hair stylists was a specialist in braiding.  So I did what I thought was fun and told her ‘go for it, have fun with my hair, and this is what she came up with.

After I did my shoot I had her finish the corn rows on the top and I’m leaving it that way for a while.  Why?  Why not I ask?  It’s fun, its different and it allows me to continue to play and have fun.

My challenge to you…..GET OVER YOURSELF…… do something you’ve always wanted to do but you’ve held back for fear of what others will say/do/think.  Do it for you!!!!!


One thought on “Get over yourself

  1. Rock on with your bad self, Kate! I so love your sense of adventure and willingness to bare all.

    Don’t you dare change anything about who you are. 😀

    (You’ll find your knight. Just be patient. )

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