Knee getting cleaned out Tuesday

For a few months now my right knee has been bothering me.  Tight achy pain much like tendinitis.  Recently the swelling has increased and the fluid doesn’t seem to want to go away anymore.  Having an uncle that’s an orthopedic I decided it best to see what he thought.

He sent me for an MRI which I found quite difficult, why, because I couldn’t get my knee to stop twitching.  Apparently it didn’t matter much as the diagnosis was quite obvious.  I’ve got a piece of cartilage floating around irritating the entire knee, hence the swelling.  I was left with the option to continue to train and ice with irritation or clean it out and move on.  I’m choosing to clean it out.

The good news is that I’m stoked that I was able to hit HUGE personal records the last few months even while being irritated.  I can only imagine what I’ll be able to accomplish when I return to 100%.  My uncle fully anticipates that I’ll be back at in 3 weeks as this is a simple clean up procedure.

Of course, I hesitated in sharing this as I know I’m opening myself up to all the creepers out there that get joy out of my pain and those that want to tell me ‘I told you so’ when referring to CF being dangerous.  To all you out there that are going to kick me while I’m down, I’ll forgive you now.  Your hurtful words are simply a reflection of your own misery being displaced on me.

2 thoughts on “Knee getting cleaned out Tuesday

  1. Good luck with the procedure Kate! I hope everything goes well.

    I saw on the USAW site that you are having an OLY Meet in a couple of weeks. Let me know next time you are planning on scheduling one and I will try and make it home for it if my schedule allows.


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