I use a Bosu Ball

Ok…..ok….ok….. before you start judging let me explain.  One of the most important pieces of rehabbing a scoped knee is getting range of motion back as quickly as possible.  That requires tons of reps stretching and moving the knee.

I’m lucky to have two PT’s working with Coca CrossFit that always point me in the right direction.  Friday Tim showed me a great way to work the range of motion on the knee without fighting gravity and putting the extra pressure while rehabbing.  A bosu ball.  It allows me to really work the flexed position without fighting gravity.  I do two sets of 15 at least 3 if not 4 times a day combined with flexing the quad, squeezing the glute and pumping the ankle.

I came back from a ruptured achilles in 8months, this knee is going to follow in the same path, recovering faster than medically prescribed.

One thought on “I use a Bosu Ball

  1. I alternate days. I do lifting and other exercises one day. The next I do exercises on a Bosu ball for range of motion and to work the stabilizers differently. I use some workouts the Marinovich’s and SSI promote because of injuries I have had. Notice a big difference and actual improvement in my training and for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because of it.

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