I don’t understand 100 day challenges – do you?

I’ve seen quite a bit of these launched or promoted lately, and I can’t help but just shake my head.  I would not only not do a 100 day challenge, I would never program a 100 day challenge.  Why you ask, because it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Because it just doesn’t make sense.  You’re just asking to complete fatigue a muscle group Think about it.  Say you pick a push up, and you’re going to do the ‘add a rep a day’ until you reach 100.  By the end of the month you will have completed close to 5,000 pushups – what kind of toll does that take on a shoulder/peck?  Now add on top of that your actual workout, skill work, strength work.  How much are you asking of your body?

Wouldn’t it instead make more sense to break up the muscle groups required for a pushup and strength them in skill sessions?  Say do floor press, bench press, incline press,  shoulder press, plank hold, supermans, hollow rocks and on and on and on.  Add some variance to your routine, change the muscle group your working vs just doing the same movement every day,  day after day until nauseum?  Now I’m not saying I know it all, but it just seems like there are better more efficient ways to work a weakness over just doing a ton of them.

What’s you’re take on the 100 day challenges?

One thought on “I don’t understand 100 day challenges – do you?

  1. I have done one that was a 100 days doing 50 Burpees a day. But that was it and it kind of sucked! The other ones seem a little nuts and could result in injury. Except maybe the 100 diets I guess.

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