My take on ‘pro shops’

Pro shops have been a hot topic ever since the video was posted with Greg Glassman commenting that he would never have a pro-shop.  Some gyms have even come out and tried to clam they’re better than another gym because they don’t have a pro shop.  That just makes me giggle.

Even more than that I’ve seen some gyms get rid of pro shops because if Greg wouldn’t do it they’re not going to do it either.  This goes against everything that Greg promotes – creating your affiliate the way you want it.

For me personally at Coca CrossFit I have built a pro shop area offering; coca gear, AtLargeNutrition supplements,  Reebok CrossFit shoes, water, sports drinks, and working on adding Rogue wrist wraps and jump ropes.  Why?  Because I run my affiliate based on what I would want, and I would want convenience.  I NEVER push products on my members, I simply have them there so they don’t have to go outside of Coca to get what they need.

On top of that, every cent made off any retail items goes directly into the equipment fund, not my pocket.  In just two months we paid for a rower and two matador dip stations from Rogue of course.  That’s well worth offering a product my members want, and are thankful they don’t have to do any work to get it in their hands.

I see Glassman’s argument that my job is to coach, and I have no doubt that I do an amazing job of that.  I’m also a business owner, and my members after two years of business the resounding feedback was ‘you should sell those here so we don’t have to hunt it down’  I listened.  I personally don’t see anything wrong with that.