Busy breaking the mold

I find it interesting to thinking about the ‘mold’ that’s created by society for little girls.  Grow up, chase boys, be girlie an weak, get married, make babies and dedicate your life to serving others.

I don’t think I could be any farther from the ‘pretty little picture’ we all supposedly want.  If I chased what society told me I should chase I wouldn’t be Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings.  I’d be like every other little girl that grew up, got married, made babies and dedicated my life to being like everyone else.

Being like everyone else isn’t me.  I started breaking the sterotypical mold at age 4 when my brother got a buzz cut, I wanted one too.  Why?  Because I idealized him, and if he could do it so could I.  Nope… not little girls.

I broke the mold in college when girls were getting the MRS degree, I was getting my Leadership degree.  Focusing on having fun, living my life and taking on leadership roles.

I broke the mold at my first job.  Working with an all male staff, and not sitting quietly at meetings but instead speaking up and having opinons.

I broke the mold when I chopped of 14″ of hair going GI Jane short and platinum blonde.

I broke the mold when at 27 I opened my own business as the only owner.

I broke the mold when I got my business logo tattooed on my forearm.

While many of my decisions seem crazy, off the cuff and out there I would say ‘bull sh*t’  I’m not doing anything but being me.  I’ve never tried to do, be or prove anything.  I live my life one day at a time doing the things that I want to do regardless of what the world will say.  That’s what makes me me, and I’m proud of that.

So I challenge you…… do something today you’ve always wanted to do, but you’ve refrained from because it’s not the norm.  I promise…. you live your life for you and you’ll be a lot happier.