Vacation or Work?

Hard to say……

This was a question I got all week at Coca CrossFit.  Knowing I was going to be spending 5 days in Santa Cruz, CA I could see where there would be some confusion.  I usually have to answer with ‘both’.

This trip started as a ‘hey you should come’ over coffee with Greg Amundson, Owner of CF Amundson and straight CF OG, when discussing a yoga certification he was hosting.  My initial thought, an excuse to go to CA?, DONE!

And of course if I’m going to travel to CA I’m not going for a day, that’s insane, so we decided I’d go for a few days and I’d do a guest coaching spot at his facility.  And of course there’s the CF media crew that I’m going to catch up with.

That’s all ‘work’  Where it becomes hard to explain is that I look at these trips as fun even though they are for work.  My job is to play all day, coaching movement and inspiring others to see their true potential.  So I guess I’d call it vacastionish work