I’ve been a bad friend

As promised a few months ago I would work on being more authentic, and so today I continue that trend in admitting something very painful but true….’I’ve been a bad friend’

What do I mean?  I mean that the last two years I’ve been so far into running my own business and competing in CrossFit that I’ve managed to push a lot of people away.  Not because I don’t want or need people close to me, but because I was so focused on building something I lost sight of all I already had.

I’m lucky enough to have met the most amazing person that has shown me that there’s more to life than CrossFit and more specifically, Coca.  My girlfriend has gotten me to slow down, work less and appreciate the people around me more.  So basically…… she’s broken me……  And I’m totally ok with that.

This next year my goal is to get back to what make Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings so ‘killer’.  Building up those around me and loving every minute of it.  Working on reconnecting with old friends.  And of course working everyday to make new ones.