Wow – is all I can say…… I did an interview with Eileen Schrieber for Wod Talk Magazine.  What was originally a piece with multiple interviews being quoted into one article was turned into a piece on my journey since the 2010 CrossFit Games.

I had the sneak peak preview of the article this morning, and it brought me to tears, literally.  It’s so beautifully written and spot on to how the last two years have treated me. (it’s going to kill me waiting until it comes out in print to share), but the wait will totally be worth it.

When my girlfriend Mimi asked me how it made me feel after reading it and I couldn’t even put it in words.  The world has given me what I need to heal at the exact time I needed it.  Mimi came into my life when I was questioning if I could continue to fight.  She’s not only supported me in every single way, but gotten me to open up emotionally about all the pressure I’ve put on myself the last two years to get back to healthy training.

We had a conversation this weekend for the first time where I broke down and let out all the fears, stresses, pressure and doubts I have had about continuing to fight for my dreams.  Why have I shared them with NO ONE…… because I’m Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings and I’m supposed to have my shit figured out.  It was a burden off my shoulders to let someone else carry the load with me.

And then to read Eileens article it was further confirmation that I can truly heal and let it go.  That when others would have crumbled and thrown in the towel I keep getting back up.  While I’ve been focusing on the struggle of getting back up, and how hard it is, others are being inspired to fight for what they want too.

With my new lighter sense of self I’m ready to not only stand back up, but I’m ready to hit the ground running without taking time to dust myself off.  This is the lightest I’ve felt in years and I can’t wait to see what I’ll achieve as result.