What a GREAT cert

This weekend I hosted the Powerlifting Certification, and let me tell you…. it was AWESOME!alwayslearning

I’ve been lucky enough to be sponsored by AtLargeNutrition, owned by Chris Mason, and under study of Louie Simms and the Westside way.  I’ve used the conjugate philosophy in the past for Coca and have been using a milder version for a few months now.

After spending two days learning from Shane Sweatt and his wife Laura Phelps-Sweatt I have reconfirmed that I really like the Westside philosophy combined with CF.  I can’t wait to implement even more of their auxillary movements into Coca’s programming.

What I like about it – it helps build up the small muscle groups that often get over looked.  Look out Coca….. BEAST MODE ON!