First competition in over a year

It’s hard to believe, but i’ll be competing in my first competition in over a year this weekend.  And the funniest part I wasn’t even planning on it.

This weekend CF Covington is hosting a team competition. My girlfriend is competing on a team with her sister and I was going down for moral support.  Or at least I thought that was what I was traveling down there for.

I got a text from Kim Williams, owner of NFT, about attending and having any interest in competing.  I figured I’m going, why not.  That’s all it took…… I guess I’ve been tapped in.  I couldn’t be more excited to participate and of course a team competition is a good way to ease back into the competition scene.  0072-950x648

My goal is to have some fun, meet some new people and stay injury free.  I’ve already checked out the wods and they look like a lot of  fun.

3….2……1…… GO!