Stupid Men’s Bars

Today’s wod to Coca CrossFit was:
21 15 9
Hang Power Clean
Toes to Bar

The rx’d weight was 95lbs and the weight wasn’t what worried me. What worried me was my decision to use a men’s bar. why? I have little baby hands and a hook grip on a men’s bar over a women’s bar is a SIGNIFICANT difference.  I describe it as being comparable to adding 30lbs to the lift.

My forearms were already cramping before I got through the full set of 21…. it was down hill from there.  By the end of the workout I was practically in tears my forearms were so tight.  I’m not even above saying I dropped a tear post workout I was so cramped.Grip-Strength

Lesson I learned……. no more training with women’s bars.  I dont even know what a women’s bar is anymore.  When I find a kink in my armor I do what I can to attack it.  Training with a men’s bar is my new staple.