I HATE the ‘RX’ sometimes


Because it can become a cause people to make bad decisions for the wrong reasons.  I even have a hard time some days not rxing.  Why?  Because I’m strong enough to rx so I should rx…. right? NO!

I’m still coming back from injuries and my body is not 100% and most days that members walk in the door aren’t at 100% be it work, kids, stress, money, lack of sleep, who knows. People see the rx as a requirement not a suggestion.

I’ve actually had members tell me they would rx with bad technique and a crappy time so that they can have the rx after their name (we don’t let them do it of course).crossfit-as-rx-d.american-apparel-unisex-athletic-tee.athletic-blue.w380h440z1

I caught myself doing it this morning as I headed into today’s wod: 7 deadlift/7 toes to bar amrap in 7min.  I had written the workout out 155 for women, but my body just wasn’t feeling it today.  So I lowered the weight to 115 and CRUSHED the rounds.  You can ask my forearms how they felt after 77 dl and 70toes to bar – holy hard!

I could have pushed through the 155 as it’s a very manageable weight for me, but I would have gotten less rounds and in 7min I wanted it to be fast and furious.  I taught myself a good lesson – rx is overrated sometimes.  I got in a good wod and I’m injury/kink free.  I’ll take it!