Dry Needling ROCKS

I have quickly learned that recovery is just as important if not MORE important than putting in the daily effort in the gym.  And of course, I’m open to suggestions on what and how to recover.  One avenue that I’ve been kicking around is ART – active release technique.  My basic understanding of it is ‘its painful but it works’  I’ve had a nightmare of an IT band being tight that has started to effect my hip.  So….. why not…..

And then Thursday during our first Olympic Lifting Class with Drew Heather Jennings walked into my life.  Little did I know when she signed up she is an ART plus guru.  She agreed to take a look at my hip Saturday.  I was mentally ready for her to wrench into me….. i was not ready for her to pull out needles….. LOTS of needles….



Needless to say I was a little nervous….. but hell….. I’ll try anything once.  So I signed the consent form and off she went sticking needle after needle into my leg.  Mimi said it best when she said ‘it’s like I’m in a saw movie and you’ve got 3minutes to figure out how to get all the needles out of me and into you’ during her session.  The after math looked like this….


The needles stay in for 10min and once they were removed she did some manual manipulation/ART and let me tell you what…… when I got up and walked around it was like I had a new hip.  It was the BEST it’s felt in 6months.  Needless to say she’s sticking me again Thursday and I can’t wait!