I’ve got 15min- 10min amrap it is

One thing that any affiliate owner can agree on is….. when you open an affiliate it’s easy to lose your training time.  Why?

Because there is 1,000 things to do…. never enough hours in a day to do them all….. and sometimes something has to give.  If I focus on building my business it’s easy to get lost in my to do list.  If I focus on my training it’s easy to get lost in hours of training and NEVER look at my to do list.I’m in a constant battle with finding a good middle ground.  I think I’m getting better at it.

Take today as an example.  I had 15min to do something or just say screw it I’ll rest today.  I normally would have said screw it, but I said no…. time to quite making excuses.  I decided that doing a 1/2 cindy with situps instead of squats would be easy enough to do with little to no warmup and get me out the door to my meeting on time.

I wasn’t super warmed up, ‘in the zone’ or even ‘feeling it’ but I did it.  I got moving, hit 11 rounds and 3 pullups, made my post wod drink from AtLargeNutrition and headed out the door.  Now in between classes tonight I can hit a few skill items and while not ideal, better than just taking a rest day that leads to another  and another and before you know it a week goes by and I haven’t gotten a single good wod in.  NO MORE EXCUSES!!!