Think too big? Dream to much?

I know it sounds so cheesy, but it’s also very true.  Everyday that I wake up I’m building my dream. What’s my dream?

3 years ago when I knew I was going to open a CrossFit affiliate I knew it would be so much more.  I’ve wanted to create a facility that had CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and Strongman.  I would say that Coca has the CrossFit thing DOWN!  We offer a wide variety of Strongman implements that we include in our programing on a regular basis.  Still working on building the Strongman program, but it’s coming along.images-1

Our olympic lifting club has really started to gain some momentum.  We forged a partnership with Columbus Weightlifting after two full years of gaining trust, building relationships and creating a shared vision.  Our next step, sketch out and budget for 3 fully outfitted lifting platforms.

I’ve often been told I think too big, dream to much and need to stay grounded to reality.  To that I say….. no thanks….. if I didn’t think big and dream too much Coca CrossFit wouldn’t be what it is today because I NEVER would have had the courage to open doors. Sometimes you have to think big and dream too much to do big things.