I’m a professor….

Not bad for an art major that had no direction 9 years ago.

3 years ago when I opened Coca CrossFit my vision was to be a premier fitness facility for ‘outlier sports’ (CrossFit/Powerlifting/Strongman & Olympic Lifting).  So far we’re off to a great start offering an amazing CrossFit experience, and recently partnering with Columbus Weightlifting.

More recently a new twist on creating a premier fitness facility walked through my door as a follow up to an inquiry.  I had sent a note to a local community college about getting an intern at the same time they were investigating CrossFit.  After the head of the program attended a Saturday class and spent almost an hour picking my brain we decided we’d investigate a possible synergy further.

Lorain-County-Community-CollegeThat week I headed to Lorain County Community College to meet with my contact and the dean of the school, and head of the fitness center.  After talking about their vision and seeing their space we began exploring another avenue, a class at Coca CrossFit.

After three more meetings and a lot of kicking ideas around we decided hosting an 8 week class at Coca was the best option.  Knowing all the topics we wanted to cover, the easiest way to cover it all was to host it my facility where I have access to all the ‘toys’.

The course name and description are all a work in progress as we’re working with CFHQ to make sure we align with them and ‘play by the rules’.  We’re fully aware that using the CrossFit name is very sensitive and the LAST thing we want to do is misrepresent what we’re trying to do.

I’ve been lucky over the last 7 years to learn from a wide variety of coaches both inside and outside of CrossFit, read books, attend classes and on and on and on.  Over that time I’ve gathered a vast base of knowledge that I can’t wait to share with the next generation of trainers.  I’ve got a facility that is fully set up to expose people to every ‘outlier sport’ I originally said I would support.  And of course, who better to share how to run a business and build a brand than a young entrepreneur already doing it?

We think the course will be an even blend between training and business ownership education.