My first and hopefully last experience at Planet Fitness

Left quite a bit to be desired.  I found myself in the Cinnci area about 3 hours before Mimi was able to get there.  Needing to kill the time I googled gyms, and the closest and only option that came up was Planet Fitness….. rut row….

Knowing beggers can’t be choosers I paid my one day pass, which is $15.98 for a day when its only $9.99 for a WHOLE month, and hit the locker room.  Which was prettier than I knew what to do with.  I didn’t even want to but my reused water bottle down.

I took a deep breath, looked into the mirror and thought ‘you can do this’


I headed into the gym…..row after row after row after row after row of treadmills, bikes and ellipticals was the first layer of fitness I faced.  Knowing I can’t run I passed the treadmills.  The bikes were recumbent and that seemed too much like lounging so I skipped those.  That left the elipticals. Knowing I use that to warm up for PT I thought ‘good enough’.

5min later I got off, and hit my mobility/stretching in the ‘Ab & Streching room’, yes, they have a clearly marked ‘Ab & stretching room’  It was off to find some free weights to do a bench press.  Much to my surprise, not a single free weight?  WHAT?  How can a gym not have a single free weight?  So I had to settle for what I could and use the machine for bench and stayed a little lighter as you can’t even get proper range of motion being tied to a rail.

Hmmm…. now what….. I had to think about what I had access to.  No weights, no kettlebells.  They did thankfully have dumbbells.  They also had a stationary dip machine.    That was all I needed….. 12min later I had kicked my own ass….. planet fitness style

5 Dips
10 Burpees
15 DB Push Press (20lbs each hand)
6 rounds and 3 dips

I made it work, but needless to say, Planet Fitness is not high on my list of places to wod again. But it is always fun to watch people stare at you like you’re crazy.