A 4 year dream coming to life

4 years ago I sat on the stoop of the gym I was coaching at at the time and talked with Jillian Niemister about wanting to start a non-profit.  Utilizing CrossFit to raise funds to help the less fortunate.

What does that mean though?  What would I call it?  Whom would I help?

I didn’t have any of those answers other than I knew I wanted to pay it forward.  4 years later it’s finally come together, and today I meet with my lawyer to create I Am Stronger.

It started as an event we’re hosting this year, a partner competition to raise funds for a member fighting breast cancer (www.Iamstronger.org) and it’s grown into so much  more.  I finally have a name….. and a purpose…..

Name: I Am Stronger
Purpose: Generate funds for those that have survived something mentally, emotionally or physically challenging. Utilizing the statement…. ‘I Am Stronger’ as the base.
Example: Be it I Am Stronger than breast cancer